Still unsure if chiropractic treatment is right for you? Read what other patients are saying about their experience with our practice.

Tri-States-Chiropractic-Health-and-Injury-Care-Testimonials-150"Since coming to Tri-States Chiropractic I've experienced amazing changes in a just a few weeks! I am off all pain medication and can now go for extended walks and enjoy gardening ( my passion! ) The staff at the clinic is exceptionally friendly and accommodating. I 100% recommend Tri-States Chiropractic. I only wish I would have made the first appointment sooner!"

                                  - Caren V.

Chiropractic Dubuque IA Office Testimonial Karen"I recommend Tri-States Clinic of Chiropractic to my friends and associates. It is the #1 place to go. You rock!"

- Karen H.



Chiropractic Dubuque IA Office Testimonial Nicole"Tri-States Chiropractic is a great place for the whole family! My husband and I not only get adjust, but when my newborn had a traumatic birth Dr. Lynch was right there to help. Our son is now 2 and has been getting regular chiropractic adjustments since 2 weeks old! Dr. Lynch is great with kids."

                                 - Nicole F.

Chiropractic Dubuque IA Office Testimonial Mark"The staff at Tri-States Chiropractic treats me very well. They were very helpful working with my insurance company and are very flexible with scheduling my appointments. The phone call the day before my appointment is wonderful! Dr. Peter and the therapist are extremely knowledgeable and do a great job in helping me understand the type of treatment I am receiving and how it benefits me. I believe Tri-States Chiropractic has changed my life. I never thought I could be this active in my middle 50s and look forward to staying active for many more years with their help. People look at me today and say, “Holy cow, you look great! What have you been doing?” The first thing I tell them is about my experience at Tri States Clinic of Chiropractic and the help I’ve received that has eliminated my back pain and allowed me to get in the best shape of my life. Give them a try. It worked for me!"

                                  - Mark H.

Chiropractic Dubuque IA Office Testimonial Aaron"Since I came to Tri-States Chiropractic- WOW! What a difference! My back and hips are pain free. What a relief. I no longer have trouble getting in or out of the car. The staff at the clinic are welcoming, accommodating, and professional. Your clinic rocks! I give it 5 stars! I would tell anyone suffering with pain that relief is a cinch in the hands of Dr. Lynch. "

                                 - Aaron D.

Chiropractic Dubuque IA Office Testimonial Andrea"Dr. Lynch assessed what I needed and created an efficient plan to get me moving more easily and without pain. I am now running again!"

- Andrea H


"I was not expecting to feel this much better with my overall health."

                                 - Jean M.

Chiropractic Dubuque IA Office Testimonial Tammy"The staff is kind, caring, professional and fun! Dr. Lynch is very caring and supportive. He does a wonderful job !"

- Tammy H.



Chiropractic Dubuque IA Office Testimonial Sid"The treatments have dramatically improved my lower back by allowing me better stretching capabilities without pain in my yoga practice as an instructor. Dr. Peter truly cares and has helped my back feel normal again. Bless you !"

- Darlene.

Chiropractic Dubuque IA Office Testimonial Rob"Dr. Lynch alleviated my neck and back issues to the point that I am pain free!"

- Rob A.



"The staff is competent and efficient. Insurance claims are processed promptly. Each time I left the office I felt renewed in body and spirit!"

                                 - Brigid H.

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